Trump Administration Syria Policy (TASP) Tracker

TSI's TASP tracker lists relevant US political and military developments since the start of the Trump Administration in January 2017.

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Report: No Return to Homs

'No Return to Homs' looks at Homs city, which in 2014 became the first urban center to succumb to the government’s siege and destroy strategy.

The report shows that the Syrian government’s demographic engineering strategy is being used systematically across the country, and has serious implications for the future.

Map Infographic: US / US-Coalition Strikes on Pro-Govt. Forces in Syria

Under the Trump Administration, the US strategy in Syria has evolved. One of the changes is an increased willingness to use military force against pro-government forces that threaten US-led Coalition partners on the ground.

This TSI infographic shows recent US/US-Coalition strikes in pro-govt. forces.

Syria Situation Updates

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YPG Cheat Sheet:

The YPG or the People's Protection Units is a Kurdish military force in Syria that serves as the armed branch of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). Read TSI's YPG Cheat Sheet to learn more.

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