Presidential Candidate Positions After the Recent Debates

Published: December 23, 2015

In November, TSI launched the Presidential Candidate Tracker, so voters can see their favorite candidates’ positions on critical Syria-related policy issues. Using the candidates’ own statements, the Candidate Tracker allows you to quickly get up-to-date on where the field stands on everything from cooperating with Russia, to fighting ISIS, to admitting Syrian refugees into the U.S.

So, what are the candidates saying since the most recent Republican Debate 15DEC2015 – Las Vegas, NV) and the Democratic Debate (19DEC2015 – Goffstown, NH)? Well, Rick Santorum changed many of his positions, Pataki declared new ones, and Lindsay Graham dropped out of the race. The graphic below highlights these developments with screenshots from our key position table; visit our U.S. Presidential Candidate Tracker page for more on each candidate, including updated quotes from the debates.