Can Europe Save Syria?

As the U.S.-Russian efforts to reinstate Syria’s nationwide ceasefire continue to fall short, European powers appear to be taking the lead in a fresh burst of diplomatic effort:

Round Two of Intra-Syrian Negotiations in Geneva (April 2016)

This blog post will be updated daily with summaries of the developments during the the second (April 2016) negotiating round of the Intra-Syrian talks in Geneva.

Recap of Round One of the Geneva Talks

Round One of Intra-Syrian Negotiations in Geneva (March 2016)

This TSI blog post will follow the progress of the “Intra-Syrian Talks,” aka Geneva III, which resumed on March 14, 2016 after a false start in February. Check back frequently as this page will be updated periodically with new developments and statements from key players.

Recap – The Road Back to Geneva III