Recent Israeli Airstrikes in Syria

Using Planet’s daily satellite imagery, The Syria Institute was able to take a closer look at two of the suspected Israeli airstrikes that hit targets near Damascus earlier this month: Read more

What Just Happened in Idlib?

On 19 September, the Syrian government sent a defiant message to the international community by lighting Idlib on fire with a wave of airstrikes against hospitals, first responders, IDP shelters and other civilian targets across the governorate.

Collision Course? Summary of Recent Escalation in E. Syria

On Sunday 18 June, the US military shot a Syrian Air Force jet out of the sky to the south of Raqqa city. This air-to-air engagement between the US and Syria is a serious escalation, and comes coming amidst rapidly increasing tensions between the US and the Assad Coalition backers – Russia & Iran – […]

TSI Video Q&A #4 – Are we sure Assad used chemical weapons?

TSI Video Q&A #3 – What’s the deal with safe zones?

TSI’s Director Valerie Szybala answers the question: “Why are so many, including the UN, opposing safe zones in Syria? Especially in the north Kurdish part of the country?”