TSI Roll Up: International Responses to Russian Bombing in Syria

On Wednesday, September 30, Russian began launching air strikes in Syria – a significant development in the 4.5-year conflict. Despite Russian claims that its primary target is ISIS, almost all of Russia’s airstrikes have instead been aimed non-ISIS rebel groups,

Day 2 of Russian Airstrikes in Syria

Russian air strikes in Syria continued into Wednesday night, with a second raid on the moderate Tajumu al-Ezza brigade headquarters around midnight. Thursday brought more strikes in a growing list of locations in Hama and Homs, as well as

Russia Begins Airstrikes Against Non-ISIS Targets in Syria

Update (3:03pm) EDT: Russian air strikes this morning also hit targets in Latakia governorate. Ground sources report that the strikes were conducted with Su-30 tactical fighter jets, which Russia is known to have in Syria.