Collision Course? Summary of Recent Escalation in E. Syria

On Sunday 18 June, the US military shot a Syrian Air Force jet out of the sky to the south of Raqqa city. This air-to-air engagement between the US and Syria is a serious escalation, and comes coming amidst rapidly increasing tensions between the US and the Assad Coalition backers – Russia & Iran – […]

TSI Video Q&A #4 – Are we sure Assad used chemical weapons?

TSI Video Q&A #3 – What’s the deal with safe zones?

TSI’s Director Valerie Szybala answers the question: “Why are so many, including the UN, opposing safe zones in Syria? Especially in the north Kurdish part of the country?”

Introducing TSI’s new Q&A video series!

This month we launched a new Syria Question & Answer initiative. In an effort to connect with our followers and make sure that our work is targeted your needs, we solicited questions online and will be answering them in a series of short video responses. The video Q&A responses are live-streamed on our Facebook page and […]

Syrian Responses to US Strike in on Assad Airbase

Since the US launched missiles strikes against Assad’s Shayrat airbase last week in response to its deadly chemical attack, many media outlets have gathered international responses (links at bottom of post), but what do Syrians and conflict actors think? We are gathering the responses from key players in the conflict and will update this post as we go.