TSI Video Q&A #4 – Are we sure Assad used chemical weapons?

TSI Video Q&A #3 – What’s the deal with safe zones?

TSI’s Director Valerie Szybala answers the question: “Why are so many, including the UN, opposing safe zones in Syria? Especially in the north Kurdish part of the country?”

TSI Q&A Video Series #2 – Redrawing the Map?

In our second video for the Syria Q&A initiative, TSI’s Executive Director tackles the topic of Syria’s territorial integrity, Kurdish independence, and redrawing the map. Here is the question in full, as submitted by TSI follower Sean McGrath: “Is the reunification of Syria as it was pre-2011 realistic? Or are there talks of redrawing borders and […]

Introducing TSI’s new Q&A video series!

This month we launched a new Syria Question & Answer initiative. In an effort to connect with our followers and make sure that our work is targeted your needs, we solicited questions online and will be answering them in a series of short video responses. The video Q&A responses are live-streamed on our Facebook page and […]