Event Category

  • Military – This category includes direct US and US-led Coalition military actions such as airstrikes, as well as operational and kinetic events involving partner forces on the ground. The TASP dataset focuses on military events deemed to be notable, such airstrikes that take out a high-ranking ISIS operative or are believed to have a high civilian casualty toll. The TASP data is not a comprehensive listing of all US military engagements in Syria. The US efforts to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq are conducted by the “Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve” along with partner countries in the US-led Global Coalition. CJTF-OIR puts out a daily Strike Release listing the Coalition airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. The CJTF-OIR Strike Release archive is available here.
  • Policy – Broad category that includes actions and statements related to the US Syria strategy from different levels of US government.

Event Type     

  • Direct Action – A military event type used for specific US military engagements in Syria. Ex: airstrikes, missile strikes, combat, etc.
  • Operation – A military event type used for actions related to operational military strategy on the ground. Ex: force deployments, arms shipments, launch of offensive, etc.
  • Casualty – Used in cases of US force casualty in Syria.
  • Legislation – Action by the US legislative branch.
  • Judicial – Action by the US judicial branch.
  • Agreement – Refers to the outcome of negotiations between the US and another actor.
  • Comment – Includes notable statements, comments, and briefings related to US strategy, actions, and policy in Syria.
  • Meeting – A policy event type. Often accompanied by relevant statements.
  • Sanctions – US sanctions related to Syria actors.
  • UN – A policy event type involving US actions at the UN. Ex: Drafting a UN resolution or co-sponsoring an Arria-session meeting at the Security Council.

Event Subject/Target

  • Partner – Refers to ground forces that fight in cooperation with the US-led Coalition to defeat ISIS. Primarily includes the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the north or Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) groups in the south.
  • Partner Action – Used to describe actions by US partner forces on the ground.
  • Partner Support – Used to describe US actions in support of partner forces on the ground.
  • Al Qaeda
  • Assad Coalition – Pro-Assad fighting coalition that includes Syrian Arab Army, pro-government militias, Russia, Iranian IRGC and an array of Iran-backed foreign forces.
  • ISIS
  • US Action – Used to describe direct US (or in some cases US-led Coalition) actions.
  • Russia Cooperation – Used to describe “Policy” events – generally “Comments” – focused on improved cooperation between the US and Russia in Syria.
  • Conflict Resolution –Used as an umbrella term to describe various international negotiations such as the Geneva Talks and Astana Talks, and technical discussions on aspects of a political transition, in addition to all permutations of the ‘safe zone’ concept like de-escalation zones and local ceasefires.